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    英中教育 Anglo-Chinese Education Consultancy


    Davies Laing and Dick College







    Davies Laing and Dick 戴維斯·拉英和迪克學院, 100 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2QB
    Tel: 020 7935 8411Fax: 020 7935 0755
    • CO-ED, 14–20, Day
    • Pupils 400, Upper sixth 163
    • Termly fees £1625–£4500
    • BAC
    • Enquiries/application to the Registrar

    What it’s like

    Founded in 1931 and predominantly a sixth form college. Over 80% of students are taking exams for the first time. It is housed in modern premises in Central London and is well served by public transport. It is well-equipped with a fully staffed library, laboratories, art studios and excellent IT facilities. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed but this is not at the expense of disciplined approach to study. The staff expects high standards from its students; examination results are very good. To this end, attendance is monitored at each lesson and parents telephoned if the student has not appeared. Those who do not hand in work on time are required to attend supervised study and, where necessary, attend on Saturday morning to complete outstanding work.

    School profile

    Pupils & entrance

    Pupils: Age range 14–20; 400 day pupils (200 boys, 200 girls).
    Entrance: Main entry is 16 (but also possible at 15, 17 and 18). 10% international students. No entrance exam but interview; also 5 GCSEs, at least grade C in sixth-form subjects.

    Scholarships & bursaries
    5 pa major sixth-form scholarships. 15 pa bursaries based on financial need, at the discretion of the Principal.

    90% live within 30 miles, 10% live overseas.

    Head & staff

    Principal: Elizabeth Rickards, in post from 1995. Educated at St Mary’s, Shaftesbury, and St Andrews University (English and history). Previously Vice Principal at Duff Miller Sixth Form College.
    Teaching staff: 35 full time, 39 part time. Annual turnover 10%. Average age 37.

    Exam results

    GCSE: In 2003, 41 pupils in Year 11: 84% gained at least grade C.
    A-levels: 163 in upper sixth: 98% passed in 3 subjects. Average final point score achieved by upper sixth formers 262.

    University & college entrance
    95% of 2003 sixth-form leavers went on to a degree course. 10% to courses in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, 14% in science & engineering, 15% computing and information science, 60% social science, business, economics, arts and media.

    GCSE, AS and A-levels. 43 AS and A-level subjects offered, 1 Vocational A-level.
    Sixth form: Most sixth formers take 4 subjects at AS-level, 3 at A-level. 11% take science A-levels; 56% arts/humanities; 33% combinations. There is also a medical school programme and an Oxbridge programme.
    Special provision: Caters for dyslexic students.
    Languages: Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian offered to A-level; also FLAW (foreign languages at work).
    ICT: 20 computers for pupil use (11 hours a day), all networked and all with email and internet access.

    The arts

    Music: Music and music technology A-level offered. Lunchtime concerts.
    Drama: A-level theatre studies offered. College drama productions.
    Art & design: Painting and drawing, graphics, photography, textiles, graphics, pottery and sculpture.

    Sport & activities
    Sports: No compulsory sports post GCSE; transport provided to sports centre nearby.
    Activities: Weekly programme for sixth form. Film making, drama, pottery, photography, Duke of Edinburgh, philosophy club, ski trip, water sports trip, football tour. Activities week in June with projects as diverse as car maintenance, producing the annual edition of Planet DLD (college newspaper), making a film, documentary or music video, or a CD in a music studio.

    School life

    Uniform: None.
    Houses & prefects: No competitive houses or prefects.
    Religion: Non-denominational.
    Social: Students may bring own car, bike or motorbike to school. Canteen. No alcohol or smoking allowed.



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