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    英中教育 Anglo-Chinese Education Consultancy


    The North London Collegiate School







    North London Collegiate School 北倫敦學院中學, Canons, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 7RJ
    Tel: 020 8952 0912 Fax: 020 8951 1391
    Website: www.nlcs.org.uk
    • GIRLS, 4–18, Day
    • Pupils 1009, Upper sixth 109
    • Termly fees £2697–£3180
    • GSA
    • Enquiries/application to the Headmistress

    What it’s like

    Founded in 1850 by Miss Frances Buss, the first woman to use the title ‘headmistress’. In 1929 it bought Canons, the former home of the Duke of Chandos, a magnificent 18th-century house with fine terraces and gardens, which is now the heart of the school for the sixth form. A modern school was added in the 30 acres of parkland, including a theatre, library, sports hall, indoor swimming pool and music and drawing schools – its facilities are very good. Strongly traditional, it is an energetic, purposeful school. Academic standards are very high and the examination results obtained are outstanding. A very high proportion of sixth formers goes on to Oxbridge. The International Baccalaureate is now being offered in the sixth form, alongside traditional AS and A-levels courses. The school has a strong musical tradition (300 girls learn an instrument), and many opportunities for drama. A range of sports, games and extra-curricular activities, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

    School profile

    Pupils & entrance

    Pupils: Total age range 4–18; 1009 day girls. Senior department 11–18, 754 girls.
    Entrance: Main entry ages 4, 7, 11 and 16. London Girls’ Schools’ Consortium entrance exam used; for sixth-form entry, tests and interviews. No special skills or religious requirements.

    Scholarships, bursaries & extras
    Approx 9 pa scholarships, value up to 50% fees: 6 academic and 3 music (all at 11). Approx 10 bursaries to each year group. Parents not expected to buy textbooks.

    Head & staff

    Headmistress: Mrs Bernice McCabe, appointed in 1997. Educated at Clifton High School and Bristol University (English). Previously Headmistress at Chelmsford County High and Deputy Head at Heathland School, Hounslow.
    Teaching staff: 64 full time, 35 part time. Annual turnover 6%.

    Exam results

    GCSE: In 2003, 102 pupils in Year 11, all gained at least grade C in 8+ subjects. Average GCSE score 73 (69 over 5 years).
    A-levels: 109 in Year 13: 100% passed in 3+ subjects. Average final point score achieved by upper sixth formers 435.

    University & college entrance
    All 2003 sixth-form leavers went on to a degree course (40% after a gap year), 35% to Oxbridge. 25% took courses in medicine, 6% in science & engineering, 6% in law, 31% in humanities, 18% in social sciences, 8% in art & design, 8% in vocational subjects eg nursing, business studies, architecture, education.

    GCSE, AS and A-levels; International Baccalaureate (from 2004). 24 AS-level subjects, 20 A-level.
    Sixth form: Currently, most sixth formers take 4 subjects at AS-level, 3 at A-level; general studies is taught but not examined. 30% take science A-levels; 30% arts and humanities; 40% both. Key skills, optional, integrated into sixth-form courses.
    Vocational: Work experience available.
    Special provision: Lift for wheelchair access. Some special needs help for juniors.
    Languages: French, German and Spanish offered at GCSE, AS and A-level; also Russian at GCSE and A-level, Italian AS-level. Regular exchanges (to France, Germany, Spain). Membership of Young Europeans.
    ICT: Taught both as a discrete subject (2 lessons a week for half a year in Years 7–9) and across the curriculum eg much research using CDs and internet, WP, DTP etc. 70 computers for pupil use (9 hours a day), most networked and with email and internet access.

    The arts

    Music: Over 30% of pupils learn a musical instrument; instrumental exams can be taken. Many musical groups including 2 orchestras, concert band, 2 choirs, chamber groups. Recent finalists in National Chamber Music Competition; 4 major concerts in school each year.
    Drama & dance: Both offered. 3 major productions a year.
    Art & design: On average, 30+ take GCSE, 18 A-level. Design, pottery, photography also offered. Murals at National Audit Office and at Royal Society.

    Sport & activities

    Sport: Lacrosse, tennis, netball, swimming, athletics compulsory. Optional: badminton, trampolining, cross-country. RLSS examinations may be taken. English Schools cross-country selection.
    Activities: Pupils take bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Over 15 clubs (many run by sixth form) eg debating, chess, polyglot, Jewish, science, Young Enterprise, Peace Group, charity, dramatic.

    School life

    Uniform: School uniform worn except in the sixth form.
    Houses & prefects: Senior student committee elected by sixth form.
    Religion: Religious worship of many faiths catered for.
    Social: Debates, drama, lectures and symposia with other schools. Exchanges with schools in France, Germany and Spain, skiing trips, visits to France, Russia, Italy, Greece, etc. Outdoor education week for year 9 each summer. Pupils allowed to bring own bike to school. Meals self-service.

    Codes of practice made clear to the student body. Strong pastoral care.

    Former pupils
    Stevie Smith; Stella Gibbons; Marie Stopes; Barbara Amiel; Susie Orbach; Eleanor Bron; Esther Rantzen; Natasha Walters; Katherine McMahon; Judith Weir.

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